Everything started in 1958 when Jean BOUSQUET, holder of a tailoring qualification, decided to “go up” to Paris from Nîmes to design his first creations in a tiny studio. The resounding success of his very first collections prompted him to found the small company “CACHAREL”, named after a bird of the Camague.
Then the situation developed apace. The famous “boom” of the seersucker shirt, featured on the cover of Elle magazine in November 8th 1963, introduced Cacharel into store windows all over the world.  Having launched his first menswear, womenswear and childrenswear collections, and having been awarded the Oscar for exports in 1969, he went on to diversify his activities by branching out into perfumery (Anaïs Anaïs still today one of the world’s best-selling fragrances) and other products, which he has manufactured under his brand name: eyewear, lingerie, stationery, swimwear, etc.
Nowadays Cacharel is sold in a network of multibrands stores and concept stores in France and worldwide .

Fifty five years after its creation, Cacharel stills remains an iconic brand with a very strong brand awareness all over the world.